Fixturlaser SMC

17 Feb 2018

Fixturlaser SMC

Fixturlaser UK Ltd

Fixturlaser SMC -  The Game Changing Plant Reliability Tool

The Fixturlaser SMC is a powerful plant reliability analyser that makes the predictive maintenance process now accessible to all trades. Fixturlaser SMC contains all the functions necessary to conduct live field diagnostics on machine trains including:-

  • Wireless triaxial sensor
  • Built-in machine creator
  • Optional 1 to 4 plane balancer
  • Automatic diagnostics & report generation
  • Built in laser-sighted pyrometer, stroboscope & camera

Main analysed defects:-

  • Unbalance
  • Gear wear
  • Misalignment
  • Pump cavitation
  • Structural resonance
  • Shock/modulation (gear)
  • Bearing defects - wear, lubrication
  • Shock/modulation (mounting, clearance, friction)

The powerful Accurex diagnostic software makes the Fixturlaser SMC a game changer in terms of keeping machines running. This powerful package was designed to give the power of on-demand diagnosis, to the people that know their machines best, the technical staff. No vibration expertise or certification is required to use the tool and there is no need for scheduling or route planning.

Also available with Fixturlaser SMC is the optional and powerful, 1 through 4 plane, balancer package making this instrument belong in any industrial environment, from small machine shops to massive refineries.

Fixturlaser SMC is available in the standard red branded instrument for safe areas and the black case for ATEX areas. Contact us for a demo, sales@fixturlaser.co.uk or 077 155 38952.