Live Demo of Motion Amplification

14 Mar 2018

Live Demo of Motion Amplification

Reliability Maintenance Solutions Ltd


The exhibition takes place 10th-12th April and will include many exhibitors from various industries some with live demonstrations. "Seeing is believing, you really need to see this technology in action to understand how powerful it is" was Keith Gallant's response when asked why Motion Amplification would stand out amongst other technoogies on display. 

The new technology is considered a real 'Game Changer' by many early adopters. It not only takes high frame rate video but measures vibration in the video. These measurements combined with the high speed filming allow you to see vibration like never before, not only that the user can measure frequency and displacement from anywhere on the video. 

The innovation is truly revolutionary as a measurement technique and is making waves in indsutry sectors such as Oil and Gas, Process, Petro-chemical, Food, Pharma, Medical, Aeronautical and Automotive.

For those who are still new to the technology RMS are running a live demonstration for the duration of the PAMS exhibition allowing visitors to get their hands on the technology and see it for themselves.